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We work together with Alec, a local English guide, who also lives on Ceitón. You can discuss all fishing wishes with him. He also arranges the right permits and, if desired, a boat.

Alec is very experienced and knows the right places where the different fish species are located. Most fish are fished from the bank.
+34 661 026 274

Fishing licenses are required!
For fishing in the Ebro you need two different permits.
You can buy these in Caspe at the fish shop, or if desired
ask Alec to take care of that for you.

You can bring your own boat and park it on our property.
The boat can usually be launched at Ceiton, our peninsula, otherwise in the port of `El Dique`
Depending on the water level, it can remain in our bay.

There are some requirements for boat owners.
1. You must always be able to show proof of insurance.
2. Boats larger than 2 1/2 meters must have a license plate. (declaration navecation)
3. For boats larger than 5 meters or with an engine power of more than 15 hp, a boat license is required.
4. All boats must be hosed down at the harbor or at Mequinenza. You will then receive a proof.
5. Small rubber boats are not allowed.

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